The "Shock Docs" is a support organization created to benefit the Wichita State Athletic Association's Sports Medicine Program. The objective of the "Shock Docs" organization is to assist with the expansion and improvement of the WSU-ICAA's Sports Medicine program by providing guidance and financial support for non-budgeted needs including new equipment, continuing education programs and student athletic trainer scholarships.

The mission of WSU's Sports Medicine program is to provide the "best medical care available" to the student-athletes on the "SHOCKER" athletic teams. This involves providing qualified certified athletic trainers to work with each varsity sport along with providing the staff with the best resources available to do their job. This includes providing the certified athletic training staff and student athletic trainers with educational opportunities to learn about prevention, care, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. During the past two years the athletic department funded one full-time assistant trainer's position and two additional graduate assistant athletic trainer's positions to increase the staff to three full-time certified athletic trainers, three certified graduate assistant athletic trainers and ten student athletic trainers. In addition to providing more certified athletic trainers, the athletic department continues to provide funding for training room supplies, student-athlete medical insurance and medical expenses which are not covered by insurance.

Unfortunately, there are additional needs in the sports medicine department which can not be funded through the regular budget. In order to provide quality care for the student-athletes, we must have a knowledgeable athletic training staff, the newest technology in physical therapy equipment, funding for continuing education programs for the certified athletic trainers and scholarship funds for the student athletic trainers.

The "Shock Docs" organization is very important to the future of WSU Sports Medicine and the Intercollegiate Athletics programs. Your membership in "Shock Docs" will allow WSU to expand the Sports Medicine program beyond the basic care of almost 200 Shocker student-athletes on all 15 of the Shocker athletic teams. An enhanced Sports Medicine program will greatly benefit all coaches in recruitment, retention and performance of their athletes. Your expertise and financial support will assist us in making WSU's Sports Medicine program one of which we all can be extremely proud. Please consider becoming a part of this exciting new organization.

Please contact Dan Cahill if you desire additional information on becoming a member of the "Shock Docs" organization.