AE-760: ST in Space Systems Engineering 

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Course Objective 

This course is intended to provide the students an understanding of the coordinated design of spacecraft subsystems that meets the specific requirements of a space mission. 

Topics Covered 

  1. Introduction to space systems, orbital mechanics review (~2 wk)     
  2. Mission analysis: orbital perturbations, coverage, communication time, constellations (~2 wk) 
  3. Space environment and impact on design (~1 wk)  
  4. Spacecraft rotational dynamics and attitude control (~2 wk)   
  5. Electrical power subsystems (~1 wk) 
  6. Propulsion subsystem (~1 wk)    
  7. Thermal control subsystem (~1 wk)  
  8. Launch vehicles (~1 wk)
  9. Command and data handling (~1 wk) 
  10. Small satellite engineering and applications (~2 wk)  
  11. Hands-on experience (~1 wk) 


AE-415: Introduction to Space Dynamics or Instructor's consent  


Fortescue, Swinerd and Stark, "Spacecraft Systems Engineering," Fourth Edition.