Business Advising Center

Advising focuses on helping students progress toward their educational objectives and career goals.


How do I set up an Advising Appointment?

You can make an appointment by calling (316) 978-3203 or stopping by Clinton Hall, room 008.


Who is my Advisor?

Students are not assigned to a specific business advisor. Students are welcome to see any business advisor, but may request to see a certain business advisor if they choose.


Who is required to see a Business Advisor?

Business students who are REQUIRED to see a business advisor before they can enroll are…

  • New Freshmen (both 1st and 2nd semester at Wichita State University)
  • First Semester Transfer Students to the Barton School of Business (includes current WSU students from other colleges on-campus)
  • Graduating Seniors from Business (students also have the option to fill out the MGMT 681 form to be cleared without meeting with an academic advisor)
  • Business Students with Academic Holds (for example, 48-Hour Basic Skill Hold)

Students are welcome to make an appointment to see an academic advisor for enrollment, academic issues, or other concerns.


Academic Advising Services for: