Business Enrollment Process 

Business advisors are available and you are encouraged to meet with them, however it is your responsibility to enroll in courses that meet your degree requirements and stay on track to graduation. Students must complete course, credit hour, and GPA requirements in order to graduate.


Business students who are REQUIRED to see a business advisor before they can enroll are…

  • New Freshmen (both 1st and 2nd semester at Wichita State University)
  • First Semester Transfer Students to the Barton School of Business (includes current WSU students from other colleges on-campus)
  • Business Students with Academic Holds (for example, 48-Hour Basic Skill Holds

Note: Graduating seniors are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor prior to their final semester. However, students who only need to enroll in MGMT 681 can fill out the MGMT 681 request form to request clearance without meeting an advisor.


Business students who are enrolling on their own must keep in mind…

1. Use your Degree Evaluation (CAPP) or your Degree Works audit (myWSU portal - myClasses tab - Run My Degree Works Audit) and the model programs and check sheet forms to create a tentative study plan.

  • Your degree evaluation shows what classes you have completed toward your degree and what requirements remain. However, your degree evaluation is NOT an official record and other issues such as course attribute, duplication, and repeated courses may be factors. These items may need further review by an advisor. Always confirm with an advisor that your degree evaluation is accurate.
  • It is important to check your major and all business GPAs listed toward the end of the degree evaluation.
  • Contact a business advisor if you have any questions regarding your degree evaluation or degree requirements.

2. Prerequisite Requirements Must Be Followed!

3. Complete Advanced Standing Requirements in a timely manner.

  • Business students must complete Advanced Standing in order to enroll in upper-division business courses.

4. Even if you are not required to see a business advisor, you are welcome to see one for enrollment, academic issues, or other concerns.

  • Please call 316-978-3203 or stop by Clinton Hall, Room 008 to schedule an advising appointment.
  • Students should call in October for spring advising and in March for summer and fall advising.
  • Appointments are generally scheduled for 30 minutes.
  • Bring your Shocker Card or another photo ID to check-in at Clinton Hall 008 for your advising appointment
  • Be on-time! If you show up 15 minutes late, you will be asked to reschedule. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact us at 316-978-3203.


Non-Business students requesting to take UNDERGRADUATE Business Courses:

    Students whose major is outside the Barton School of Business need special permission to take upper-division undergraduate (300-600 level) business courses. To request permission to enroll, submit this REQUEST FORM. IB-333 does not require special permission. Students wishing to take Graduate Level courses (700-800+) need to contact the Graduate Office, 316-978-3230, Clinton Hall, room 201.

Prerequisites that must be met:

•Completion of foundation skills (ENGL 101 & 102, MATH 111, COMM 111)
•Completion of 60 or more credit hours.
•Overall and WSU GPAs must be 2.250 or higher.
•Prerequisites for each specific course.