General Education Requirements for Business Students

The general education program seeks to provide each student with a body of knowledge that is both a broad foundation for his or her major field of study and also the beginning of what is necessary to become a genuinely educated person. The general education program provides the opportunity for all students to grow in knowledge and appreciation of the rich variety of human achievements in the arts, humanities, and sciences.

Business Majors are required to take the following as part of their general education program.

  • PHIL 105 (minimum grade of a C)
  • PHIL 306
  • PSY 111 or SOC 111
  • MATH 144
  • * ECON 201
  • * ECON 202
  • * IB 333

Requirements may vary in earlier catalogs. Consult with your advisor for specific requirements.

  • ECON majors cannot use ECON 201 & 202 to meet General Education requirements
  • IB majors cannot use IB 333 to meet General Education requirements


General Education Introductory Courses

Course (credit hours):

  • One Introductory Course in Fine Arts (3)
  • Of the two Introductory courses in Humanities, one is fulfilled with the PHIL 105 (min. grade of a C).
  • One Introductory Course in Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physics (3)
  • One Further Study course is fulfilled with PHIL 306.
  • One Issues & Perspectives Course  --or--  Further Study Course (3) (see advisor before selection--IB majors will need two courses)