Graduating Seniors

Candidates for Bachelor of Business Administration

It is your responsibility to ensure you have completed the necessary steps and met all requirements and deadlines in order to graduate.

Seniors MUST submit an Application for Degree (AFD) BEFORE the Deadline of:
OCTOBER 1 - for Fall (December) Graduates
MARCH 1 - for Spring & Summer (May) Graduates

Juniors: You can submit your AFD up to a year before your graduation term.

The earlier you submit it, the sooner we can start tracking to make sure you are meeting all necessary requirements. Changes can me made after it is submitted.

  • Senior Graduation Form - You are required to complete the Senior Graduation form to obtain permission to enroll in Strategic Management (Mgmt 681) during your final undergraduate semester and ensure all graduation requirements are met during the final semester of enrollment. We encourage you to review the form with an Academic Advisor after you have completed the steps listed in the form. 

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Graduation Checklist - "Steps to Graduate"

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