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Asia Pacific Region

International Experience

Language Offered at Wichita State

Examples of Culture Study Courses

Course Title
 ANTH 312  Asia Pacific Cultures
 ANTH 506  Peoples of the Pacific
 ANTH 515  China: People and Culture
 ANTH 516  Japan: People and Culture
 HIST 320   Russian History Survey
 HIST 324  Modern East Asian History
 HIST 340  World War II
 HIST 588  History of Early Russia
 HIST 589   History of Imperial Russia 
 HIST 592  History of the Soviet Union
 HIST 593  Former Soviet Union
 PHIL 350  Ancient Chinese Philosophy 
 PHIL 365  Survey of Asian Philosophy 
 PHIL 565  Topics in Asian Philosophy 
 POLS 330  Post-Communist Europe
 POLS 524  Politics of Modern China
 WOMS 379  Asian Women in Modern History