International Business Major
United States (International Students Only)

International students who are already studying abroad at Wichita State University or who have transferred to Wichita State University from another country may be deemed to have met the international experience requirement. It is recommended that non-English speakers choose English language courses and courses on United States culture, history, and/or political systems to fulfill these requirements.

Examples of Culture Study Courses

Course Listing: Title
 ANTH 100  Modern America: Understanding Diversity
 ENGL 232  Themes in American Literature
 ENGL 342  American Folklore
 HIST 131  History of the United States: Colonial to 1865
 HIST 132  History of the United States Since 1865
 HIST 302  American Popular Culture
 HIST 306  The U.S. Century: Decades of Change
 HIST 330  The Americans: Conflict and Consensus in the Development of American Society and Culture
 HIST 505  The United States, 1865 to 1900
 HIST 507  The United States, 1900 to 1945
 HIST 508  The United States Since 1945
 HIST 533  The American City: from Village to Metropolis
 ETHS 100  Introduction to Ethnic Studies
 ETHS 240  Ethnic Women in America
 ETHS 334  Ethnic America in the 20th Century
 MUSC 493  American Popular Music
 POLS 121  American Politics
 POLS 358  American Political Thought
 REL 339  Religion in America
 SMGT 475  Sport in American Culture
 THEA 385  Theatre as a Mirror of Today's America