International Business Major

Bachelor of Business Administration degree

Department of Management

As the economy has shifted from a domestic to a globally competitive marketplace, there continues to be a growing demand for business professionals who can function effectively in the international environment. International business involves business transactions between two or more nations.

The International Business program at Wichita State University is a multidisciplinary program. You will take classes from various departments in the Barton School of Business as well as courses in political science, language, and culture. Part of your culture study requires you to participate in a study abroad experience in one of the three areas: Asia Pacific, Europe, or Latin America. You will also complete a minor in one or two specific business disciplines.

When you graduate from this program, you might work in multinational corporations, joint venture operations, trading companies, import-export firms, banks, or a federal government.

Degree Requirements

Requirements Hours
 Orientation  1-2
 Basic Skills  12
 General Education  12
 Advanced Standing  22
 College Requirements  6
 Foreign Language from regional emphasis: Europe, Asia Pacific or Latin America**  10
 Culture Study Courses in regional emphasis (minimum of  6 hours)**  
 Business Core  27
 International Business Major  21
 International Experience in regional emphasis**  
 Business Minor  
 Open Electives  9-10

**Special note for international students with regional emphasis: United States

All Academic Degree Requirements

Degree Completion Plans and Check Sheets