Request for Graduating Business Seniors to enroll in Management 681

Prerequisites that must be completed: 

  • MGMT 360, MKT 300, FIN 340, DS 350
  • Without exception, all of these courses must be completed before taking MGMT 681.  

Prior to submitting the request students should:

  • Complete the Application for Degree (AFD) through your myWSU portal.
  • Run a Degree Evaluation/Audit through myWSU portal to ensure all academic requirements will be met.

Last Name:

First Name:


Your WSU E-mail Address:

Semester Requested:

Final Semester Schedule:
Please list courses you need to take your final semester(s) in addition to MGMT 681 (ex: FIN 611, MIS 696, etc.).  Please include summer courses if you are requesting MGMT 681 for fall.

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to submit my Application for Degree (AFD) by the posted deadlines and that failure to do so could result in a delay of graduation.

I acknowledge that this for will only be processed if I am a graduating senior in my final semester.

I acknowledge that this form will take 48-hours to process. (Expect longer wait times during first week of enrollment.

I acknowledge this is NOT a Senior Graduation Check form and I am responsible for confirming my graduation requirements. (Degree Works and/or Senior Grad Check.)


Please do not submit the request form if you are already enrolled in MGMT 681.

Watch your email for the clearance to enroll in the MGMT 681 course. If your request is denied, the reason(s) will be explained in the email. Additionally, if your request is denied you should follow-up with an advisor. You can call the Business Advising Center to schedule an appointment at 978-3203.