Barton School of Business

Orientation Courses (1-2 credit hours)

The orientation courses cover the requirements and expectations for a degree from the Barton School of Business. In addition to learning about the academic requirements for a business degree, students learn about business school resources, the differences in business majors, effective study skills, and career opportunities in the field of business.

For incoming freshmen:
  • BADM 101 and BADM 102 - Becoming a Business Student I and II (1 cr. hr. each)

For transfer students:
  • BADM 301 - Transferring to the Barton School of Business (1 cr. hr.)

Orientation Courses Learning Objectives:

  1. To help discover the Barton School of Business and Wichita State University.
  2. To learn rules and regulations, people, services, resources, and opportunities available for business students.
  3. To introduce various professions in the business.
  4. To ensure that every business student knows how to use WSU online resources, such as email, blackboard, myWSU, Degree Evaluation (CAPP) and/or Degree Works Audit, and library sources.
  5. To refine expectation and requirements to become a successful business student.
  6. To learn requirements and information for Advance Standing and the Advanced Standing Exam criteria.
  7. To fine tune the choice of a major within the business school and develop a study plan.
  8. To ensure that every business student has an opportunity to develop organizational and time management skills that will be needed to be successful in upper-division business courses.