Personal Selling Minor Requirements

Available to Business and Non-Business Majors

Personal Selling focuses on face-to-face interaction and personal communications between a seller and a buyer. By developing a relationship with a buyer, the seller uses the opportunity to specifically target needs and persuade decisions.

Overall and WSU GPA's must be 2.250 or higher.
Each minor must have at least 3 credit hours of unduplicated coursework.
A minimum of 9 credit hours of the minor must be taken at Wichita State University.
Personal Selling minor consists of 15 credit hours.

Required Courses:

  • MKT 300 - Marketing (3)
  • MKT 405 - Consumer Behavior (3)
  • MKT 608 / ENTR 608 - Selling and Sales Force Management (3)
  • COMM 302 - Interpersonal Communication (3)

Choose one additional upper division elective (3 credit hours) from the following:

  • COMM 311 - Persuasion (3)
  • COMM 312 - Nonverbal Communication (3)
  • COMM 325 - Speaking for Business and the Professions (3)


Non-Business students:

Overall and WSU GPA's must be 2.250 or higher. In order to take upper-division business courses (300+), you need to submit this REQUEST FORM. (IB-333 does not need special approval).