Business School Enrollment Policies

Prerequisite Structure

Students must follow established prerequisite structures. Students are responsible to meet any minimum grade requirements before taking the higher-level class. The Barton School of Business will not waive prerequisite requirements.

Course Duplication

Some courses may be used to fulfill more than one area of degree requirements. However, all majors must have a minimum of 12 credit hours unduplicated, and each minor must have a minimum of 3 credit hours unduplicated.

Course Waitlist Option Information

Two-Week Course Restriction

Business students who are on probation will be restricted from taking any two-week business classes (including pre-session).

Financial Obligations

Enrolling in a class represents a financial commitment. If a student enrolls in a class and does not drop, the student is financially obligated to pay for it.

Students must either pay their tuition bill in full by the first day of class or enroll in the installment plan. Failure to complete the payment process will result in late fees.

Course Withdraw Policy

Students are able to drop a class with a "W" on-line until the last day to drop listed in the Schedule of Courses.

Late Add a Class

Students must first meet with a business advisor to ensure they are eligible to enroll in the class. If a student qualifies to take the class, the instructor makes the final decision whether to allow the student into a class that has already started.