Professional Edge Program  (coming Fall 2017)


A co-curriculum program designed to provide personal growth and development skills as an enhancement to the student’s formal education in the Barton School of Business. These skills and competencies are designed to position the business graduate for enhanced placement opportunities and a successful career with progressively greater responsibilities. The program is designed to provide Barton School graduates with a competitive edge as they seek to begin their professional careers.

Examples of Skills and Competencies:

• Effective resume writing
• Knowledge of the industry in which the student has an interest, and career opportunities available.
• Communication etiquette
• Professional behaviors (dining etiquette, dress code, social media)
• Effective networking
• Time management
• Financial Literacy
• Diversity/cross cultural/global competencies
• Effective job search process
• Behavioral interview skills
• Evaluating and negotiating compensation packages
• Post-graduation:
   o Seeking and benefitting from a mentor
   o Creating opportunities for advancement

Planned Program Features:

• Two-year non-credit program, starting with the freshman year
• Students earn points by participation
• Some events are mandatory; others are optional
• Each semester, accumulation of a pre-specified minimum number of points allows student to pass a 0 credit class.
• Students completing 4 semesters receive a Professional Edge Certificate from the Barton School.


For More Information contact Wendy Veatch at 316-978-3441 or wendy.veatch@wichita.edu