WSU College of Engineering


2012 BEETS Program
Bridge for Engineering and Engineering Technology Students

August 8-17, 2012


In August 2012, Wichita State University's College of Engineering (CoE) will offer a Bridge Program (BEETS) for students entering the CoE in Fall 2012. Students will be immersed in activities that help them prepare for their first semester at WSU and introduce them to the university and the resources available to help them succeed. Activities will include academic reviews of key subjects; team-building activities including an off-campus, overnight trip; introduction to campus resources; and social events to connect students to faculty and peers. Students who complete the bridge program are eligible to receive scholarships as they enter the Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 semesters.

Students accepted for BEETS will move into the residence hall on Wednesday, August 8.

Best of all, the BEETS is (almost) FREE! All costs for the residence hall, meals, and activities during the BEETS will be paid by the College of Engineering. A one-time $50 fee will be paid by students who are accepted to participate in the BEETS. Space is limited, so complete the application below as soon as possible.

If you have questions about BEETS, please contact Ana Lazarin at ana.lazarin@wichita.edu or 316 978-6314.

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