Double Major Across Colleges

  • Double majors across colleges (DMAC), defined as a primary major in one of the professional schools (Business, Education, Health Professions, Fine Arts, Engineering) and secondary major in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Candidates for a Double Major Across Colleges must complete the following courses to fulfill the requirements for a second major in Biological Sciences. 

  • Biol 210
  • Biol 211
  • Biol 418
  • Biol 419
  • Biol 420
  • Biol 497 or 499
  • one course from Biol 330, 502,503, 523, 524 or 528
  • minimum of 5 elective hours in any major level biology course
  • Chem 211
  • Chem 212
  • Chem 531

For additional information, please contact the Department of Biological Sciences. Students wanting to add DMAC to their degree should contact the college of their primary major.