• Community College Transfer Guide Check the transfer guide to see how coursework you take at a community college will fulfill requirements at WSU. 
  • Schedule of Courses AND Semester Calendar  Did you know that you can access the WSU custom schedule search in your registration tools in your myWSU?  This is one of the best links to search for classes.  Also, the semester calendar lists all dates and deadlines specific to a semester. 
  • Student Success  Having trouble with notes, test-taking, time management and more.  Check out the crew at student success, awesome team who are here to help you achieve your personal and academic goals. 
  • Lab Coordinators Repeat a course with a lab and re-use the lab grade
  • Waitlisting a Course If a class is already closed, get on the waitlist.  This is the most effective option to get this class.  We monitor biology waitlists daily and add additional sections when we can.
  • What can I do with a biology degree?  Today is the time to explore career options and professional societies for additional information to be a competitive applicant for post-baccalaureate careers or education.  Look at job listings to determine what current tools are essential.  Do not wait till you graduate! 
  • Undergraduate Research-You should begin by e-mailing any faculty member who is researching in your area of interest.  The e-mail should introduce yourself, why you want to do research and a reminder if you have been in class with them before.  Follow up with them if you do not get a response within 2 weeks.  Faculty have many deadlines not related to teaching, but they will respond when they can. Once you have found a faculty mentor, you must complete  an enrollment form to enroll in Biol 499 or Biol 669.  Spaces fill quickly, so start the process as early as you can.  Posters about faculty research are located in the hallway near the offices. 
  • Scholarships-Department and LAS-Applications are normally available in November and are due by February of the following year.  Awards are made in early April.  Also look here for other awards that may be available.
  • General Education-courses required for all students to complete a degree (different colleges may have specific required courses that also fulfill general education—see an advisor for assistance). 
  • Premedical-Interested in attending dental, medical, optometry, pharmacy, or veterinary school?    Premedical advisors are in LAS Advising.  
  • Health Professions-Advisors in health professions can provide information on bachelor's, master's and PhD programs at WSU. 
  • Masters Degree-master of science program WSU. 

    Visit Wichita.edu and search for information not listed here.