Protein Chemistry Core

George R. Bousfield, Ph.D.

The goal of the Protein Chemistry Core Laboratory is to provide research support and training in protein chemistry. This core also specializes in structure-function studies on members of the glycoprotein hormone family. Classical protein chemistry analytical techniques have been adapted to meet the challenge that glycosylation poses to conventional methods of analysis. Because the core has this specific research focus, a broad range of analytical procedures are available to WSU investigators. Thus, in addition to the traditional protein chemistry core activities, such as protein sequencing, amino acid analysis, carbohydrate analysis, peptide mapping, and protein purification, the laboratory has expertise in radioimmunoassay and primary cell culture. The laboratory is also equipped for large-scale protein isolation.


Name Role Email Telephone
Dr. Jeffrey May Co-Leader jeffrey.may@wichita.edu 316-978-6177
Dr. Souraya Alameddine  Postdoctoral Fellow souraya.alameddine@wichita.edu 316-978-6095
Dr. Viktor Butnev Research Associate viktor.butnev@wichita.edu 316-978-6095
Dr. Vladimir Butnev Research Associate vladimir.butnev@wichita.edu 316-978-6761
Alice Hwang Research Assistant alice.hwang@wichita.edu 316-978-3292
Dr. Tarak Sharma Research Technician tarak.sharma@wichita.edu 316-978-6761
William (Bill) White Research Technician william.white@wichita.edu 316-978-6083






Protein Core Lab Personnels