Department of Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences at Wichita State University offers an exciting educational environment. The faculty are committed to teaching and research. Modern laboratory and classroom facilities provide a backdrop for meaningful interactions between faculty and students. Research and internship opportunities exist for graduate and undergraduate students. Pre-professional training, teacher certification, and interdisciplinary programs give students many options in designing their course of study.

Biology Field Staion
The Biology Field Station is located approximately 35 miles southwest of campus and consists of about 330 acres of native and restored prairie and riparian woodland along a mile reach of the Ninnescah River. This unique habitat offers opportunities for studying restoration and river ecology and general wildlife biology. Current studies include prairie restoration and recovery from overgrazing, the ecology of aquatic invertebrates, behavioral ecology of fitness maximization in the non breeding season for birds, monitoring riparian and prairie bird nesting communities, stopover ecology of long distance Neo-tropical avian migrants, incidence of West Nile virus in birds on the station, and monitoring of fish, amphibian, and reptile population dynamics. Contact the station manager, Dexter Mardis for more information:  dexter.mardis@wichita.edu  (620) 584-6627 or (316) 978-3113.
Department of Biological Sciences
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