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Pau, France

    Groupe ESC PAU



Groupe ESC Pau is a private business school with approximately 1,500 students located in Pau, France. The University is situated on the campus of the University of Pau, which is a public university with nearly 19,000 students. Exchange students have the option of taking French Language courses (only at Beginner level) during the semester in combination with business courses taught in English. The business courses are part of a Master’s program; however WSU undergraduate business students who have completed most of their business core classes can be accepted into this program. Exchange students interested in this program should have a good GPA in their business classes and be ready to take upper-division business classes. Most classes offered in Pau will be International Business related courses in areas, such as marketing, entrepreneurship, management and finance. Students must pay for at least 12 U.S. credit hours at WSU, regardless as to the number of courses they choose to take, while on the exchange.

FALL: End of August until Mid-December
SPRING: Mid-January until end of May
Summer Program


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