Visa Information

The Barton School of Business does not process or issue visas for students.

All students should check the embassy and consulate web page of countries they plan to visit for updated visa and travel requirements. Visas can be obtained either directly from the consulate or embassy or from a visa agency, depending on the requirements for the country you plan to visit. Submitted paperwork must be completed fully with attention to detail to prevent delays.

You should begin the process early by researching the application process for the country where you will study at least 3 months prior to your departure. The visa process can be quite lengthy as it requires you to gather supporting documentation including your actual passport (always required - you cannot apply for a visa until you have a passport), your acceptance letter (always required - like the passport, you cannot apply for a visa until you have an Acceptance Letter), financial records, proof of health insurance while abroad, passport-sized photos, an application fee, and so on. Each country outlines its requirements, including the application fee (the fee charged for the processing of your visa application).

Visa Requirements

Obtaining a Visa

Embassies and Consulates