Associate Coach Program

Not everyone who participates in the tryout process for the WSU Bowling Program is selected to be a member of one of our teams. Oftentimes, competitors expect personalized instruction from the head coaching staff  but, due to time constraints resulting from the coaching staff's responsibilities to the overall program (i.e., recruiting, media relations, fund raising, scholarship administration, monitoring of student-athlete eligibility, budgeting, instructional and camp planning, travel coordination, management of corporate sponsorships and other administrative duties), and due to the large number of people in the program, this individual coaching is not usually possible.

However, we are fortunate to have some of the finest bowlers and coaches in the United States living here in Wichita, who volunteer their time to our program as associate coaches. These associates give back a portion of their time to the program and the student/athletes in it. These player/associate coach relationships revolve around the athlete's desire to be helped and the individual strengths of each associate. Our associate coaches have quite a list of achievements, some of which are discussed here.

Hometown: Urbana, Ohio

Jessica completed her degree in integrated marketing communications in the fall of 2011. She was a member of the 2009 national championship team and was named an Honorable Mention All-American in 2011. Her passion for the game and strong communication skills make coaching a great fit for her. She has one 800 series and two 300 games, one of which was shot during the 2010 USBC Queens tournament. Jessica is a USBC bronze level certified coach and competes occasionally on the PWBA tour.

Hometown: Johnstown, N.Y.

A fierce competitor, Ryan Abel transferred from the highly successful two-year school, Erie Community College, where he received huge honors as a National Junior College Athletic Association All-American. After a solid career at WSU in his junior and senior year, Ryan has joined the PBA and has shown a consistent ability to cash in both the demanding PBA Regional Tour as well as the nation Tour Qualifying Rounds. Ryan has a wealth of coaching strengths, his passion for the game, commitment to helping people and his deep knowledge of the sport. He shares that knowledge with both Shocker Bowlers and the Wichita Heights High School bowling team, where he is a coach.

Hometown: Wichita, Kan.

A member of the WSU men’s, and collegiate bowling’s first-ever three-peat National Championship teams in 1993, 1994, and 1995, Brian is a USBC Bowling Certified Silver level coach. He is a highly valued member of the coaching staff. Having completed his senior year with both a national championship and a degree in marketing, this 40-time 300 game performer and former Shocker bowler now brings his large repertoire of skills, not only as a bowler, but as a person, to his work serving as an associate coach. 

He is another former Shocker bowler to have moved onto coaching in one of our area high schools, winning multiple Kansas singles and team high school championships. Some of Brian’s many skills include: time management, incredible work ethic and deep working knowledge of many aspects of bowling.  These include: physical skills and performance, mental preparation, adjustments in lane play and bowling equipment. Brian’s nickname is the professor, due to his great variety of skills. He has also coached internationally in the country of Qatar, in the Persian Gulf. He is also a solid resource to players in matters relating to ball balancing, fitting and drilling.



Hometown: Chesapeake Bay, Md.

Another passionate coach with terrific communication skills, Kyle’s enthusiasm and excitement for the game easily rubs off on those he coaches. A former selected and developmental team member, Kyle has a very good idea what it takes to be successful on the lanes and in the Shocker Bowling Program.

Hometown: Moorpark, Calif.

Devin is an incredibly accomplished player, having shot nearly 60 sanctioned 300 games and over a dozen 800 series. A 2015 graduate in Communications with an emphasis in electronic media, Devin is a former Junior Team USA member and currently an adult Team USA member, Devin and WSU grad Jake Peters teamed up to bring home silver medals in doubles and the team event at the 2010 World Youth Championships in Helsinki, Finland. Devin is a New Mexico Open and True Amateur Tournament champion, both events being major tournaments for elite-level amateur bowlers. Devin studies the mental aspects of our sport and loves to share this awareness with others. Bidwell graduated from WSU in 2015 with a degree in communications and electronic media. As a member of Team USA in 2015, Devin was selected to compete in the Pan-American Games in Toronto, Canada; he brought home the singles and doubles bronze medals (with Tommy Jones). He recently joined the PBA and continues to compete on a professional level.

Hometown: Mulvane, Kan.

Bowers is one of the most passionate players Shocker Bowling has ever seen. His love for the sport on and off the lanes is motivational to everyone around him. Brent was a member of the 2008 and 2010 national championship teams. He was a two-time member of Jr. Team USA. Brent finished second at the True Amateur Tournament in Las Vegas in 2009.  In 2011, Brent was named the Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow. A great team player and communicator, Brent is sure to help anyone he coaches.

Hometown: Manchester, Iowa

One of bowling’s young and rising stars, AJ Chapman is a former Junior Team USA member and two time adult Team USA member. He was a selected team member for four years and won the 2015 Intercollegiate Team Championships with his teammates. During his senior year, he was named a first team All-American. A skilled coach, AJ is also very knowledgeable about bowling ball drilling, layouts and ball motion.

Hometown: Blackbutt, Australia

One of Wichita State’s many international players, Stephen Cowland (or Cow, for short) is from Australia. Cow has the distinction of being a three-time National Champion, with he and his teammates winning in 2009, 2010 and 2015. His students will certainly want to ask him what happened to him between 2010 and 2015! He is also a five time member of Team Australia and a team event gold medalist at the World Youth Championships in 2006. His experience with college bowling and the international level make Stephen a terrific addition to our coaching staff.

Hometown: Sioux Falls, S.D.

Chris Drewes is very comfortable in his own skin. Students working with Chris will experience what being around a comfortable, confident coach and person is like. Another Wichita State All-American, Chris graduated from WSU in the spring of 2009 with a degree in mechanical engineering. A former Junior Team USA member, he is passionate about the sport of bowling and his energy, enthusiasm and positivity is infectious. Chris, along with all of his teammates did some of his best bowling in April 2008, when he anchored the Shocker men’s team in the nationally televised finals of the Intercollegiate Team Championships, where the Shockers won their record 8th National title.


Hometown: Wichita, Kan.


Another terrific team player, Brandon, was a member of our 2009 national championship men’s team. A police officer with the Wichita Police department, Brandon brings his strengths to his coaching of straight forward communication, incredible work ethic and a great drive to help those who want to make themselves the best they can be.

Hometown: Long Prairie, Minn.

Holly Harris’ game has taken off in recent years by earning spots on Junior Team USA in both 2012 and 2013 after coming to Wichita State in 2010. Her youth success and great play in the 2014 Team USA Team Trials earner her a spot on the adult Team USA for 2014. A WSU mathematics graduate, Holly has a tremendous reservoir of bowling knowledge and presents that information in an encouraging, positive manner to those lucky enough to work with her. Holly continues to compete on the professional women’s tour as a PWBA member.

Hometown: Rio Rancho, N.M.

Matt has the unique perspective of seeing the Shocker Bowling program from every level that exists: non-selected, developmental team and selected team. Helmick’s strengths are what created the success he enjoyed in the program: unwavering loyalty, intense work ethic and an incredible desire to learn. Three times an academic All-American, Matt is passionate about helping others.

Hometown: Topeka, Kan.

A four-time selected team member, Kelsey has a long relationship with the Shocker Bowling Program, having attended numerous summer camps taught by the WSU Head Coaching staff. She has two 300 games to her credit, along with a huge 834 series. In 2012, Kelsey earned a spot on Junior Team USA, where she and her United States teammates won the coveted gold medal in the team event at the World Youth Championships in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hometown: Andover, Kan.

This former Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow recipient bowled on the WSU team for four years.  During that time, he was a member of the 1987 National Championship men’s team and was the MVP at the National Championships in 1988. Justin was a First-Team All-American and was further honored by being selected to the Bowler's Journal Amateur All-American team in 1988.  Justin also brought home a gold medal from the first International Youth Bowling Championships in Manila, Philippines. 

While still an amateur, Justin won a PBA Regional Tournament in Albuquerque, N.M., and after joining the PBA tour, he won his second regional title in Enid, Okla. Justin became the first bowler in the 95-year history of the ABC tournament to bowl back-to-back 300 games, when he accomplished this feat at the 1991 ABC Masters. In August 1992, Justin captured his first PBA tour title in Belleville, Ill (PBA Senior/Touring Pro Doubles). He experienced the thrill of a lifetime when he paired with the legendary Dick Weber in winning this tournament. The duo’s victory enabled Weber to become the PBA's first five-decade winner. Since winning his first title, Justin's career has really taken off with victories in 1994 at the prestigious U.S. Open in Troy, Mich. (one of professional bowling's major tournaments) and the Reno Hilton Classic in 1995. After retiring from full-time PBA status, Justin has spent his time in the pro shop industry as well as coaching. A sharp eye and common-sense style make him one of our finest coaches.

Hometown: Flagstaff, Ariz.


This four-time academic All-American and recent graduate in secondary education is known for her on-lane intensity and desire to learn all she can. With three sanctioned perfect games and an 805 series to her credit, Allie can play the game and communicate at a high level to those she works with. Allie has taken that intensity to the professional ranks as a competitor on the PWBA tour.

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

This former Shocker Bowling student is rapidly becoming one of the finest players in the world. She dominated college bowling for three of her four season playing for the Shockers, being named Collegiate Bowler of the Year twice, three time member of the First Team All-American team and was named the MVP of the collegiate national tournament in 2015. Humble to fault, Dasha would say that her individual awards are just a reflection of her teammates’ support. Dasha’s students are going to enjoy her insight, great humor and intelligence.

Hometown: Québec City, Canada

Francois is another excellent student-athlete from Canada in a long line of outstanding Canadian players. Articulate, intelligent, hard-working, a great leader and a desire for improvement describe Francois. He went from being a good bowler to becoming a world-class player, representing his country on both the youth and adult Team Canada while on the WSU team. A gold medalist and a collegiate national champion in both team and singles make him one of Shocker Bowling, College Bowling and Team Canada’s finest athletes. Students working with Frankie are going to learn a tremendous amount.

Hometown: Peoria, Ariz.

After earning a spot on the developmental team his first year at Wichita State, Miguel worked hard to earn his way on to the selected team. He knows the amount of dedication it takes to advance through the Shocker Bowling program. Because of all his experience in large competitions and his dedication to becoming a better bowler, Miguel has a lot to offer to his coaching students. Miguel regularly competes on the regional and national PBA circuit.

Hometown: Derby, Kan.

Devotion, hard work and loyalty are words that describe this former Shocker. Renowned for being one of the best leaders Shocker men’s bowling history, Matt brings his personality, team play and communication skills to the associate coaching table. He was a four year member of the men’s teams from 1997 thru 2001. He was a part of the Shocker men’s national title in Madison, Wis. in 1998. McFayden finished fifth in doubles at the ABC national tournament (now USBC Open Championships) in 1999. Matt has over 30 300 games and numerous 800 series. Matt joined the PBA ranks in 2003 and is a former PBA Southwest Region Rookie of the Year. He is a tremendous player, a truly delightful person and a super coach. 


Hometown: Sun Prairie, Wis.

Nick’s depth of experience in the Shocker Bowling Program, plus his easy to work with demeanor, makes him a favorite with players that work with him. A spring 2014 sport management graduate, Nick has rolled double-digit honor scores, including a whopping three game series of 853.

Hometown: Lafayette, Ind.

One of Shocker Bowling’s finest team players, Zach Rhoades is inspirational to bowl with. He is amazingly compassionate to his close friends as well. He is a member of the 2015 men’s national championship team and recently won one of the sport of bowling’s most cherished titles, the 2016 USBC Open Championships team event by beating over 6,000 other teams with four other Shocker bowlers. Those that work with Zach will find that he truly cares for them and their improvement.

Hometown: Wichita, Kan.

An unbelievable student of the game, Keith Runyan’s presence as an associate coach commands the attention of the athletes fortunate enough to work with him. A sharp mind and a sharper eye enable Keith to quickly help a player and advance their games to higher levels, depending of course, on the commitment level of the athlete. Keith’s credentials include more than 20 perfect games, numerous 800 series’, along with a number of high finishes in the annual USBC Open Championships.

As a professional coach, Keith was a past head coach for the national youth and adult teams for the country of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. Another influence, in both directions, on Keith is his very close friendship with Shocker alum, Chris Barnes. The men are close friends and were each other’s’ best man at their respective weddings. Among Runyan’s many strengths include a vast, vast knowledge of bowling balls dynamics, fitting, drilling and great communication skills.

Hometown: Wichita, Kan.

Loyalty, work ethic and desire epitomize Casey Slaughter. Academically, Slaughter was one of Wichita State’s best ever student-athletes, completing both his undergraduate and master’s degrees while at WSU. Casey’s collegiate bowling career was well rounded to say the least. One of the absolute best at working with his teammates in competition, he now brings his excellent powers of communication, persuasion, motivation and knowledge of the game to his associate students. Casey has coached two area high schools to three Kansas State titles in 2005, 2007 and 2010.  A USA Silver Certified Coach with three time Academic All-American credentials to his credit, Shocker bowlers have much to gain being around this coach.

Hometown: Manhattan, Kan.

Rick was the 1987 Bud Light Masters Champion - the first true amateur to ever win this event. He competed in the 1987 FIQ World Tournament in Helsinki, Finland, where he shot the first-ever 300 and 299 games in the history of the FIQ. Rick was a member of the 1987 National Collegiate Championship team and was chosen MVP of the tournament. He was named First-Team All-American all four years of his collegiate career, only few have ever achieved that feat. He was the 1987 Collegiate, Amateur and World Bowling Writer's Bowler of the Year. Rick was also the team all-events champion and the individual all-events winner at the 1988 ABC National Tournament. He was inducted into the USBC Hall of Fame in 2013.

After receiving his degree in Business Administration in December 1987, Rick joined the ranks of the Professional Bowlers' Association and was voted 1988 PBA Rookie of the Year by his peers. In 1991, Steelsmith won his first PBA national title, teaming with Hall of Famer Teata Semiz to win the Senior/Touring Pro Doubles event in New York. Steelsmith captured his first PBA singles title during the 1997 Winter Tour, winning one of the PBA Triple Crown events - the PBA National Championship in Toledo. Rick, now chooses to be a full-time professional coach and an occasional competitor on the PBA50 tour.  Rick's strength as an associate coach is his familiarity with the WSU program, collegiate bowling in general, understanding of the academic side of the collegiate bowling experience and his overall knowledge of the sport. Rick enjoys working on the mental aspects of bowling and feels that the greatest potential for improvement lies in the understanding, development and successful implementation of mental techniques.

Hometown: Bel Aire, Kan.

One of the truly tremendous team players in the long history of the WSU Bowling program, Kevin has had brilliant youth and collegiate careers by winning the USBC National Youth Open Doubles, the Northpointe Singles Championships, the Junior World Team Challenge and being a 2009 and 2010 national championship team member. Mr. Tatrow has distinguished himself by embodying what it means to be a student-athlete, by being selected as a four-time Academic All-American. Calm, patient, caring, compassionate, great listener and a wonderful grasp of the mental game are just a few of the many strengths Kevin gives to his coaching students.

Hometown: Wichita, Kan.

Lonnie is a 1993 graduate of Wichita State. During his time at Wichita State, Lonnie was a member of four different teams that advanced to the Intercollegiate Bowling Championships (IBC). The first three years Lonnie settled for second place in the nation at the IBC tournament. But, in his senior year (1993) Lonnie and his teammates broke through and won the championship match of the step-ladder finals for the men's third national title. That championship was the first of what would be a three-peat of national championships for the men (1993, 94, 95). 

Lonnie was also a member of the winning team of the Brunswick World Team Challenge with his cousins, Chad and Billy Murphy. Lonnie has moved on to the professional ranks and shown to be a consistent player on the PBA Tour by cashing regularly along with a breakout performance in 2002 PBA National Championship. Lonnie finished 2nd earning his biggest payday, $50,000. Lonnie finished up his great 2001-2002 PBA season with his first two PBA titles the very next season. In addition to being a PBA member, Lonnie is a USA Bowling Bronze Level Certified Coach with excellent communication skills.