Statistics from 2015-2016 Tryout Process

The Shocker Bowling tryout process is conducted in three parts: the on-lane portion, the physical fitness test and the skills test. Statistics will be updated as the tryout process continues.

On-Lane Portion

Tbe on-lane portion started on Tuesday, August 27, 2015 and will continue for three weeks until Friday, September 11, 2015. Squads are held Tuesday thru Friday. The following PDF provides detailed descriptions for the various tryout statistics kept for each bowler during the tryout process.

Physical Test

Players also have to compete in a phyiscal test (PT) which consists of a timed two-mile run and the maxium number of sit-ups and push-ups an athlete can complete, each in a two minute window. The following PDF provides a detailed description.

Skills Test

The last part of tryouts consists of the skills test. The following PDF provides a detailed description.