February 27, 2014 

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Power Rankings Foreshadow Promising Future for Shockers

WICHITA, Kan. –  As the Hoosier Classic rounded off the season, the Lady Shocks landed the 1st place position in the collegebowling.com power rankings while the men found themselves in 6th after the rankings were announced over a week ago, Feb. 19th.

The power rankings are a point based system in which teams gain points depending on their qualifying positions and the amount of teams in the field. A first place qualifying position in a Tier I tournament grants 250 points plus a point for each team beat in qualifying. A Tier II event grants 150 points for first place plus points for teams beat.

The Shockers traveled to 5 Tier II events and 5 Tier I events this season. The Lady Shocks qualified 1st in all 10 bowling events entered while the men qualified 1st in only 2. Not only did the women qualify first in every event, they won every Tier I event they entered. The men finished first in only one. Of the 5 Tier II events, the men and women both won 3 out of 5 tournaments.

“It’s been a successful learning experience thus far,” senior Holly Harris said. “We plan to take what we have learned and apply it to the post-season.”

Power rankings are used to determine where each team goes for their sectional tournament. There are 4 sectional locations hosting 16 teams per sectional. This year, the Shockers travel to Fort Worth, Texas where the 4th place team in the nation, Midland University, will also compete.

“Post season formats bring the best out of these players,” Head Coach Gordon Vadakin said. “We perform our best in baker and knowing that instills a great deal of confidence in our athletes.”

The women have now qualified 1st 8 times and 2nd 4 times in the power rankings since 2002.

Men’s teams assigned to the Fort Worth sectional are:
AIB, Arizona State, Bethel, Central Oklahoma, Emmanuel, Fresno State, Highland CC, Iowa Central CC, Lindenwood-Belleville, Marian, Midland, New Mexico, Newman, North Texas, Southwestern Christian, Texas Tech, Victory, West Texas A&M, Wichita State, William Penn

Women’s teams assigned to the Fort Worth sectional are:
Bethel, Emmanuel, Fresno State, Highland CC, Lindenwood-Belleville, Marian, Midland, Newman, Robert Morris-Springfield, Stephen F. Austin, Victory, West Texas A&M, Wichita State, William Penn

For more information about collegiate bowling power rankings, please visit www.collegebowling.com.

For more information about Shocker Bowling, please visit our website at www.wichita.edu/bowling.


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