May 29, 2014 

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Coaching Staff Announces Preselected Players for 2014-2015 Team


WICHITA, Kan. – The Wichita State Shocker Bowling coaching staff have chosen ten men and ten women to be placed directly on the selected team for the 2014-2015 season. 

After a third place finish at the 2014 Intercollegiate Team Championships, the Shockers will place ten men on the selected team, seven returners and three incoming freshmen. Included in the mix of returners is reigning Intercollegiate Singles Champion Francois Lavoie. In addition to the success at the ITC’s, last season’s men’s team won five tournaments.

The returning men who received direct placement are:
• A.J. Chapman – junior – Manchester, Iowa
• Stephen Cowland – sophomore – Blackbutt, NSW, Australia
• Mitch Hupé – sophomore – Winnipeg, Man., Cananda
• Francois Lavoie – senior – Québec City, Qué., Canada
• Matt McNiel – graduate – Prior Lake, Minn.
• Zach Rhoades – junior – Lafayette, Ind.
• Justin Zwaschka – sophomore – Saint Joseph, Miss.

The three new players to be directly placed are:
• Tyler Cruz – transfer junior – Tacoma, Wash.
• Derick Holmes – Southeast High School – Wichita, Kan.
• Thomas Peters – Belleville East High School – Belleville, Ill.

The coaching staff placed six members from last season onto the 2014-2015 selected team, among these players is current Bowler of the Year Daria Kovalova.  The six ladies helped the Lady Shockers to a very successful season.  They won nine of the twelve events they bowled, including a win at the 63-team Hoosier Classic.  Four freshmen were also granted exemptions for next season.

The six returning team members who have been selected are:
• Brianna Amidon – senior – Pittsfield, Mass.
• Daria Kovalova – junior – Moscow, Russia
• Heather Melvin – senior – Sioux Falls, S.D.
• Laura Plazas – sophomore – Bogotá, Colombia
• Chenoa Rhoades – sophomore – Lafayette, Ind.
• Caitlin Tam – sophomore – Markham, Ont., Canada

The incoming freshmen players granted direct placement are:
• Sydney Brummett – Homestead Senior High School – Fort Wayne, Ind.
• Hollyann Johansen – Bishop Carroll High School – Wichita, Kan.
• Sierra Kanemoto – Stebbins High School – Dayton, Ohio
• Kristie López – transfer sophomore – Ponce, Puerto Rico

“I am looking forward to another outstanding year with the returning players,” assistant coach Mark Lewis said. “I am also excited to work with the new players and see how successful this group of men and women can get.”

Additional men and women will be added to the selected team upon completion of the tryout process in September.  In addition to the selected team, all of the 2014-2015 developmental team members for the Shockers will be selected after the annual three week tryout period, scheduled for late August through early September 2014.


The Rhatigan Student Center has been the major financial and administrative supporter of the Wichita State University bowling program since 1959.