Bangladesh Student Association at WSU

Bangladesh Student Association at WSU _____________________________________________________________________________
Article I: Organization Name
The name of the student organization shall be Bangladesh Student Association (BSA).
Article II: Purpose Statement
Bangladesh Student Association (BSA) at Wichita State University (WSU) is the common ground through which students, faculties and staffs on campus can come together to help raise awareness about Bangladesh. An important goal of BSA is to share knowledge and to stimulate intellectual thinking and discussion among its members about the socio-economic improvement of the impoverished and less fortunate people in Bangladesh. Another important purpose of BSA is to promote leadership among members through on campus involvements and programs.
BSA at Wichita State University will provide voluntary service and assistance to the university students and promote Bangladeshi culture and related activities on campus. BSA will welcome newly arrived Bangladeshi students and help them adjust to local culture, as well as to the WSU campus life. BSA will also provide networking among its members.
Article III: Membership and Eligibility Criteria
Section 1: Membership in this organization shall be open to any enrolled Wichita State University student, faculty or staff regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, political affiliation, disabled/Vietnam-era veteran status, physical or mental disability when he/she signs the BSA membership agreement form.
Section 2:
2.1 The organization and its members agree to adhere to city, state, and federal laws, to the Student Code of Conduct, Student Government Association and the RSO Handbook – any member found violating this may be removed from the organization.
2.2 Membership shall be retained until the student severs relations with the University by graduation or otherwise.
2.3 Students who has completed at least one semester in Wichita State University and intend to transfer back to the university are eligible of becoming a member of the BSA.
The membership fee is $10 per year. Any student coming in Fall will be allowed to sign up for
membership for $5.
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Article IV: Officers
Section 1: The Bangladesh Student Association Shall have a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Campus Relations Director. These officers will comprise the Executive Board.
Section 2: All officers must be members of BSA and currently enrolled at Wichita State University. Section 3: The term of office shall be from January 1st till December 31st.
Section 4: The President shall not hold the office for more than two terms.
Section 5: Any officer may be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Board. Any officer removed may appeal to the general membership. Said officer shall be considered reinstated with two-thirds approval of the members.
Section 6: Any vacancy which may occur in the office shall be filled by the President pending ratification at the next general meeting.
6.1 If the President’s seat becomes vacant due to resignation or any other reason, the Vice-President shall take the President’s office until the next President is elected in the next fall semester.
Article V: Duties of Officers
Section 1: The President:
1.1 The President shall be the chief executive officer; and
1.2 The President, with the approval of executive board, shall appoint all committee chairpersons; and
1.3 The President shall be the official spokesperson of the organization; and
1.4 The President, with the approval of executive board, shall direct the budget; and
1.5 The President will fill in vacancies in the Executive Board with the approval of executive board.
Section 2: The Vice President:
2.1 The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President temporarily on a sudden vacancy
in the position or in the absence of the President; and
2.2 The Vice President shall keep and have available current copies of the constitution and bylaws; and
2.3 The Vice President will be responsible for scheduling programs; and
2.4 The Vice President will perform other duties of BSA as directed by the President.
Section 3: The Secretary:
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2.1 The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings and the meetings of the executive board; and
2.2 The Secretary will provide a copy of the minutes to each officer and keep a master file; and
2.3 The Secretary shall maintain a complete and accurate account of attendance and membership status.
Section 4: The Treasurer:
4.1 The Treasurer shall keep a current record of all financial transactions; and
4.2 The Treasurer shall develop quarterly reports containing a list of all receipts and disbursements and distribute them among the membership; and
4.3 The Treasurer will be responsible for checking the accuracy of all bills and invoice and paying them correctly and on time; and
4.4 The Treasurer will perform other duties of BSA as directed by the President.
4.5 All income and expenses will go through BSA’s bank account; the bank account will be operated by joint signature of the Treasurer, the President and the Advisor.
Section 5: The Campus Relations Director
5.1 The Campus Relations Director will Promote BSA purpose to facilitate new student
5.2 The Campus Relations Director will liaise with other campus organizations and activities as per president’s direction.
5.3 The Campus Relations Director will maintain various online promotion and moderate online activities, such as online groups/website, email etc.
5.4 The Campus Relation Director can request the President to assign any other member to help him performing his duties.
Article VI: The Advisor – The University Faculty/Staff Advisor Section 1:
Section 2:
2.1 The Advisor should provide advice and feedback to the organization regarding its operation and functioning; and
2.2 The Advisor shall serve as a resource; and
2.3 The Advisor shall be a full time faculty or staff member of Wichita State University; and
2.4 The Advisor will be a nonvoting member of the organization.
2.5 The Advisor will act as a liaison between BSA and the larger community of Bangladeshis in the Wichita Metropolitan Area and beyond.
In any current term, the advisor shall be removed replaced by a two-thirds call vote from the
executive cabinet members. If this passes successfully through the cabinet then the voting shall proceed to two-thirds written vote of the general members. After which a final decision should be imposed regarding
that appointment.
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Article VII: Election Section 1: Election Process:
1.2 Election of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Campus Relations Director shall be held annually in November. At least two weeks’ notice shall be given by the executive board before the election.
1.3 For an election of the BSA term, a nomination day will occur.
1.4 The nomination must be conducted with at least one third of the members in present.
1.5 Each candidate may give a short speech (2 minutes maximum) explaining his/her intent to be part of organization’s executive board.
Section 2: The Voting Process: 1.1
1.2 Each member in good standing may vote.
1.3 The candidate receiving majority vote will be elected.
Article VIII: Meetings Section 1:
1.1 Meetings shall be held on a monthly basis at a designated time and place during the spring and fall semesters for the purpose of determining policy, activities, programs, and other business.
1.2 Meeting shall be open to any WSU student, faculty, staff and non-members.
1.3 If a meeting is going to be canceled, the Secretary shall inform all the members beforehand.
Section 2: Special meetings of the group may be called by the President, the Secretary, or by simple majority of membership.
Article IX: Amendments
Section 1: This constitution must be amended by majority vote of the entire membership.
1.1 Any officer, Advisor or any three members of BSA may propose an amendment. Proposals shall be filed in writing with the president prior to a meeting so that the group may debate the proposal. Amendments may be voted on at regular or special meetings.
To be eligible for election a student must be a general member for at least one full semester or
  Following the nominations, general members will make their vote within 1 week after
nomination day through OrgSync.
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Revision passed by voice vote on:
_________9/11/2015___________ Miro G. Penheiro President’s signature & date Advisor’s signature & date
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