Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. I am a new student coming to Wichita State University, what should I bring with me?

Documents: You will need to bring all your necessary documents with you (including but not limited to: passport, visa, I-20, admission letter, TOEFL/IELT score if you have any, mark sheets/certificates, Bank drafts etc). If you are an undergraduate student, it is recommended you bring a bank statement (for six months) which you used for visa application, you may need that for various purposes such as transfer of school.

Other things to bring:  it will vary from person to person. However, here are a few things that you may consider bringing with you: a heavy jacket for below freezing winter temperatures, T-shirts or other warm weather clothing, a traditional cloth such as a Punjabi, a blanket, a school bag, a laptop for class work or money to buy a laptop, an unlocked cell phone set if you want to save money, an electric adapter plug that converts cylinder shape pin plug to flat shape pin plug, a Bengali to English dictionary, your favorite music, a family photo album, commercially packaged snacks or biscuits, a cricket bat or other sports equipments, a Bangladesh flag, and other crafts/cultural item/posters which you may consider putting on display at various cultural events on campus. You may want to bring any prescription medication that you take, along with the prescription and/or doctor’s letter as proof. Finally, one thing you should definitely bring with you is a good spirit.

Things not to bring: It is illegal to bring any raw meat, poultry, fish, vegetables or agricultural crops into the USA. You may not want to bring any spices, since you will be able to buy them here inexpensively. Additionally,  do not bring pillows with you, since they will take up too much space in your luggage. You can buy pillows here for very cheap price. You may want to avoid bringing any cooking pots that are not usable for cooking on stoves.

2. How much money should I bring with me? Should I bring both my tuition cost and living cost on one bank draft under the university’s name?

We recommend that you bring both tuition cost and living cost for one year with you. Many students reported that it was more convenient to bring first semester’s tuition/fees under university’s name in a bank draft, but living cost under the student’s name in either a separate bank draft or travelers checks or cash (cash can be subject to maximum cash carrying limit for international passengers into the USA).

3. Approximately how much will be my housing cost?

Off-campus housing near campus will cost you approximately $300/month, or approximately $3600/year if you share an apartment or house near campus with other students. If  you want to live alone, off-campus housing can be expensive.

For on-campus housing cost, Please check WSU’s Admissions web page: http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=ugrad&p=/Tuition_Fees/ .
You can find additional info at WSU’s Housing and Residence Life web page: http://www.wichita.edu/thisis/home/?u=housing


4. How can I find off campus housing? How can I find roommates to share off campus housing?

You can contact BSA requesting help with finding off-campus housing and roommates. Please understand that it can be very difficult to find roommates on short notice, so contact as early as possible. Many students live in dorm on campus for their first semester until finding a suitable roommate to share off-campus housing.

5. What about food costs?

If you cook, it can be approximately $150-$200/month.
If you eat out, it can be approximately $300-$400/month.

6. What about transportation in Wichita?

Public transportation is not as available in Wichita as it is in big cities. Taxi cabs can be very expensive, and bus service may not be convenient. Most people here own cars, cars are necessary to live in Wichita. Although you will eventually need to buy a car, living on-campus or living off-campus near the university will reduce your transportation costs. 

7. I don’t have any relatives or family members currently living in Wichita or in the USA. Will I be able to live in Wichita?

Yes, absolutely.

8. Will BSA pick me up from the airport when I arrive at the Wichita Airport?

Yes, but please make sure you provide your flight information to WSU’s Office of International Education here: http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=INTL&p=/RequestAirportPickup/ .
Once you provide your information to WSU, the university will contact BSA and we will find someone to  give you a ride from the airport.

9. Are there any scholarships or assistantships available to help cover my tuition and fees?

For international undergraduate students: No, there are no scholarships available which will cover the entirety of your tuition and fees. However, there are limited scholarship opportunities available for outstanding foreign undergraduate students, which may slightly reduce tuition costs. You can check the Office of International Education web page for details:   http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=INTL&p=/ScholarshipsFinancialAid/

For Graduate Students: Yes, depending on  the department or assistantship type, graduate students may receive a waiver of up to the entire tuition cost and additionally may receive a stipend which may cover most living costs. Assistantships can be in the form of GRA, GTA or GA.  Most graduate students majoring in Engineering or Science receive assistantships.  Many outstanding graduate students in the business school receive assistantships as well.

10. I am a Graduate Student, how can I find more information on assistantships?

Look for information at your department. You can ask your academic advisor for advise on getting assistantships. You may find valuable tips from other graduate students who received assistantships.

11. What about on campus jobs?

Both undergraduate or graduate students can get on-campus job. You may work on campus up to 20 hours per week, which will earn you about $100-$400/month.

12. Where can I look for on-campus jobs?

The key to get on-campus job is actively seeking them. Visit places multiple times over the course of  the semester to check for job application status update, and check if there are any new positions available. At many places, job applications are accepted around the end of semester for the following semester. Here are a few places you may want to look for jobs:
Fairmount Tower Cafeteria, RSC Cafeteria, RSC physical plant office, Jabara Hall Computer Lab, Bookstore, Library, NIAR for Engineering Students, University Police Station for Student Cadet Positions, Hesket Center, residence hall office, etc.
You can also apply for SPTE positions at Lindquist Hall in September or October which is when they advertise in the university newspaper “The Sunflower”.
You can also activate your profile and search for on-campus  job at various times on “Hire a Shocker”: https://www.myinterfase.com/wichita/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2fwichita%2fstudent%2f

13. When will I qualify for internship?

You will qualify to do paid or non-paid internship jobs at various off campus companies or businesses after completion of one year as F-1 student. Internship will be in the form of CPT or Co-op. For details, make an appointment with an International Student Advisor at WSU’s Office of International Education, also visit WSU’s Co-op office.

14. Can I contact BSA if I have additional questions?

Yes. We may not have answer to all of your questions but we are willing to listen.
(If you have any Immigration or F-1 status related question, WSU’s Office of International Education ask that you contact an International student advisor or visit their office directly, since laws and policies governing F-1 status changes frequently. Your I-20 provides important information on the back of pages 1-3 that every F-1 students must follow.)