Bangladesh Student Association (BSA)

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Purpose Statement: Bangladesh Student Association (BSA) at WSU is the common ground for students and faculties on campus to come together to raise awareness about Bangladesh and also is:

[1] An important goal of BSA is to share knowledge and to stimulate intellectual thinking among its members about the socio-economic development of Bangladesh.

[2] Another important  purpose of BSA is to develop leadership and individual quality among members through on campus involvement and programs.

[3] BSA at Wichita State University provides voluntary service and assistance to the university students and promotes Bengali cultures and related activities on campus. [4] BSA welcomes new Bangladeshi students and helps them to adjust to the WSU campus life as well as wichita local culture. BSA provides a network among it’s members.

Become a member of BSA: Get involve in BSA activities on campus and membership agreement form will be provided to you upon satisfactory campus involvement with BSA.

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Bangladeshi Students and Professors at WSU


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Please visit BSA website again for update of activities: www.wichita.edu/Bangladesh