New Students Arrival

Bangladesh Student Association welcomes new Bangladeshi students to WSU and helps them to adjust with local culture as well as with the WSU campus life. Through BSA, you can meet other Bangladeshi Students and Professors at WSU.
If you are a new Bangladeshi student and would like  BSA to help you, please contact BSA president or any BSA officers.                                       

[We suggest that you do not provide any money other than service charge of few thousand taka to any third party or person working as student recruiting agent of WSU in Bangladesh. For admission at WSU, apply to WSU online or send application by mail. For any inquiry or question, contact WSU Office of International Education directly.]  


Few important things to do before coming to Wichita State University:

1. ***Inform Wichita State University your arrival information as soon as you confirm your airline ticket. University will arrange free airport pick up for you but WSU needs to know your flight information.

Link to provide flight information to WSU, Office of International Education: WSU arrival information form.

2. When you buy airline ticket, make sure you have at least 5-6 hours difference between connecting flights at the First Airport in the USA. It may take about 3-4 hours to Check In at the USA custom and immigration at the first airport where you will land on the USA.

3. There are snow falls and very cold weather in Wichita during winter season (December, January and February), you can bring a heavy winter jacket and few sweaters/fleeces for winter season. Nice and warm weather during rest of the year here.

4. Learning to drive prior to coming to the USA is very important. Almost everybody in Wichita own car and car can be really cheap here. If you don't know driving at all, we suggest that you at least get little hand on training from your relatives or friends who can drive.

5. Learn cooking, it will save you money on food cost. Eating out can be expensive. You can buy all kinds of South Asian/Indian spices here and they are really cheap.

6. If you can give up smoking habit before leaving Bangladesh, that will save you money here. Be informed that the USA is not smoker friendly, very few people smoke cigarette in the USA.

7. Off Campus Housing can be cheaper than On Campus Housing.

8. Inform Bangladesh Student Association (BSA) your arrival information as well. Please contact BSA and we would love to help you.