Critical Thinking Videos

What do employers want in a college graduate?  There isn’t just ONE thing that employers want.  Many things are important.  Integrity and communication skills (both written and verbal) are vital.  But one quality that employers and faculty agree is essential for both academic and professional success is the ability to think critically.

So what is critical thinking? It turns out to be difficult to define.  It is not just intelligence, nor is it simply being very well informed.  It is about how we use our intelligence and knowledge to achieve rational results.  It is a process that involves problem solving to achieve practical and reasoned solutions.  Critical thinking means to gather information objectively, to set aside subjective biases, to evaluate the various perspectives and arguments and assign them appropriate relevance in proper context.  It is analytical thinking but also objective thinking.  It is ultimately about doing the right thing at the right time in the right way.

Here are videos of three business leaders discussing the importance of critical thinking to business, based upon their own experiences.

Brad Thress, Senior Vice President of Sales at Cessna Aircraft

True Knowles, former COO and President of Dr. Pepper

Chris Goebel, CEO of Star Lumber

These videos could not have been done without the hard work of the project leader and former VP of BSDA, Tammy Nguyen. (Tammy is now graduated and is working full-time at The Buckle headquarters in Nebraska). Also, we had several fabulous members from the group who helped with organizing the interviews and filming: Layton Kling and Angela Vuong.