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President's Budget Advisory Committee

In December 2016, Wichita State University President John Bardo established a Budget Advisory Committee to encourage open communication with the campus regarding potential budget cuts. 


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This committee began meeting in January. It is charged with four substantial tasks to aid and advise the President's Executive Team:

  • Suggest budget priorities that are consistent with the institutional strategic plan in the event that there is another reduction in state appropriations.
  • Gather information regarding areas where long-term budget efficiencies might be achieved while increasing effectiveness in achieving strategic goals.
  • Suggest areas that might result in increased income that are consistent with the strategic plan.
  • Communicate regularly with the campus regarding ideas and discussions.

The committee will focus on the WSU funds in greatest jeopardy, those known as the State General Fund, representing about $72 million in appropriations made to the university by the governor and Legislature for the current fiscal year.

For information, contact David Miller, University Budget Director, at david.miller@wichita.edu or 978-5821.