Please Complete All Pertinent Application Fields to be Considered for Scholarship

Scholarship Application

Deadline for Academic Year Awards: February 1st

  • You must be a student in the W. Frank Barton School of Business to apply.
  • You must submit a new application every year to be considered.
  • Please review the application before entering information. If you log out or refresh the page before completion, your information will not be saved.
  • It may be helpful to prepare your Personal Statement, Activity List, and Financial Statement beforehand and then copy and paste the text into the corresponding text box.

Most scholarships administered by the Barton School of Business require that the recipient demonstrate financial need. For those that do, the Barton School uses the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) which is determined from the FAFSA. The EFC is the amount of money your family can be expected to contribute to your college costs each year. If you have not filed this form, you will still be considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible (those not requiring proof of financial need).

Try to fill out all information, the Barton School of Business has a few scholarships that have very specific requirements.  The more information that you provide will help the scholarship committee in awarding scholarships to the appropriate students.



First Name:        MI:

Last Name:


City:       County (not Country):

State:         Zip Code:

Phone:          Cell Phone:

Your age:

U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder:     Yes         No

Kansas Resident:    Yes         No

Racial or Ethnic Group (optional):    American Indian/Alaskan        Asian/Pacific Islander

Black/African American        Hispanic/Latino        White/Caucasian 

Are you a first or second generation immigrant to the United States with lawful permanent residency or United States citizenship:            Yes               No

Gender:      Female         Male

Marital Status:    Single       Married       Divorced       Other

Number of children living with you:  if none, enter 0.


For the academic year applied for, I will be a:

Freshmen     Sophomore     Junior     Senior     Graduate

Anticipated Enrollment (per semester):

Full Time (12+ undergraduate credit hours)

Part Time (6-11 undergraduate credit hours)

Less than Part Time (1-5 undergraduate credit hours)

My Primary Major will be:

Accounting                                            Finance

Management                                         Marketing

International Business                          Entrepreneurship

Human Resource Mgmt.                       General Business

Economics                                           Economics-Real Estate emphasis

Management Information Systems      Finance-Real Estate emphasis

Marketing-Real Estate emphasis          Entrepreneurship-Real Estate emphasis

There are a couple of scholarships which asks for area of interest, please indicate if any of these fields you plan on going into:

Insurance Industry                                Commercial Real Estate   

Commercial Construction Industry        Petroleum Accounting   


Graduate Degree Majors:

MBA          MACC          MAEcon

If you plan on earning a double major, enter your 2nd major here:

If you plan on adding a minor or minors to your program, list here:

My expected College Graduation term: (example: May 2017)

List all other secondary schools attended. Beginning with High School, including Community Colleges and all other colleges you have attended.

High School Name:

High School City, State & County:

Years of Attendance (example 2010-12)   

Have you graduated from High School?    Yes   No

College Name:

College City, State & County:

Years of Attendance (example: 2010-12)           

Degree Received:

College Name:

College City, State & County:

Years of Attendance (example 2010-12)            

Degree Received:

If more than 2 colleges attended, list information in NOTES at end of application.


Will you complete the FAFSA (www.fafsa.gov) for the upcoming academic year?         

          Yes         No

Will you be employed off-campus, at least part time, while enrolled at WSU?  Yes   No

Employer name and address:

How many hours do you typically work each week?


List any extracurricular activities you are involved in or offices held:

List any awards/honors/academic recognition you have received:

List any other experiences that would be relevant to your academic major or consideration for a scholarship (research, relevant experience, community service, leadership) including any current or future employment goals:

For Accounting Majors ONLY: (skip this section if not applicable).

Expected enrollment (# of credit hours) in accounting courses at WSU for each upcoming semester:

Fall:  credit hours          Spring:  credit hours

Upon graduation will you be eligible to sit for the Uniform CPA exam?     Yes         No

Do you plan on getting your Masters of Accountancy degree?    Yes         No   

If yes, what is your anticipated date of enrollment in the Masters program?  

Do you plan to work in:     Public Accounting    -or-     Private Accounting

If I am granted an accounting scholarship, I will attend the Beta Alpha Psi Banquet to accept the scholarship.  If required by my scholarship, I will be enrolled full-time in the fall and spring semester (12 credit hours for undergraduate students and 9 credit hours for a graduate student).

I authorize the School of Accountancy to give a copy of my scholarship application to the grantor if I am awarded the scholarship, and I agree to attend the Beta Alpha Psi Banquet:

Yes          No

James & Catherine Buck Business Scholarship
  • To be awarded this scholarship, you must have a FAFSA on file.
  • You must be employed off-campus at least part time (minimum 8 hrs. per week).
  • Your cumulative GPA must be between 2.5 and 3.5 for the initial award.
I verify I meet the above requirements and I would like to be considered for this scholarship:
Yes          No


Questions Specific to Various Scholarship Requirements:

Are you a college athlete?  Yes    No       If yes, which sport?

Are you receiving tuition reimbursement from your employer?     Yes         No

Did you work during High School?      Yes          No

If yes, please explain where, what you did and approximately how many hours per week. 

Are you currently involved in a business ownership or interested in starting a business? Explain the business.


Write a short personal statement. You may use your statement to highlight your special interests, talents, goals, or unique experiences. Include your planned long-range goals. The personal statement allows you to provide additional information for consideration by the scholarship committee.

Paste your personal statement here:

NOTES: (add any information here, that you did not have room for in the above fields).


By entering the information below and submitting this application for review. I certify that all the answers I have given are correct to the best of my knowledge.  I grant permission to obtain information about my grade point average, enrollment status and financial status to evaluate my candidacy for scholarship awards. I understand this information will be kept confidential and will be available only to Scholarship Committee members or donors having a need to know for the purpose of scholarship determination. If I am awarded a scholarship, I authorize the University to publish my name as a scholarship recipient.

Full Legal Name:


Your WSU email address: 


No recipient will be excluded from consideration on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, status as a veteran, genetic information or disability.