Historical Timeline for the W. Frank Barton School of Business

1895: Fairmount College was established as a co-educational institution.

1926: Wichita voters approved making Fairmount College the municipal University of Wichita. A College of Business Administration and Industry, with Frank Neff as dean, was included. The College was entirely based on co-operative education, with students alternating between classes and jobs. Engineering was included within the College. Offices for the College were housed in the south end of the third floor of Jardine Hall. Accounting was dropped in 1935 but was resumed in 1946. 

1950: Dean Neff stepped down as Dean after 25 years at the helm. Kenneth Razak became dean.

1951: College moved into Neff Hall, the first post-war building.

1953: Dean Razak stepped down as Dean. William Nielander became dean.

1955: Engineering split off to become a separate college.

1957: Dean Nielander stepped down as Dean. Jack Heysinger became dean.

1964: After Herculean efforts by President Harry Corbin, the Kansas Legislature brought the University into the state system, creating "Wichita State University."

1964: Fran Jabara named dean. Vigorous expansion of student body and faculty began.

1968: The College achieved accreditation by the top national business accreditation agency, the AACSB (American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business).

1970: The College moved into the new R. P. Clinton Hall built to house the rapid increase in business enrollment.

1971: Fran Jabara stepped down as dean. Don Christenson became interim dean for a year.

1972: Lawrence McKibbin became dean in 1972.

1976: Douglas Sharp became dean in 1976.

1977: Fran Jabara founds the Center for Entrepreneurship.

1981: School of Accountancy established.

1988: The College was dedicated as the "W. Frank Barton School of Business" on May 4. Groundbreaking was held for the new Devlin Hall built to house the Center for Entrepreneurship.

1990: Billy Mac Jones became interim dean for one year.

1991: Malcolm Richards became dean.

1993: Gerald Graham became dean.

1996: "Jabara Hall" was dedicated in honor of Fran Jabara and his 40 years of service to the university and the business school.

2000: John Beehler became dean with the theme of "the Barton School Connection" and a renewed emphasis on building relationships with the business community and enhancing technology and facilities.

2000: School of Accountancy achieved the AACSB Accounting Accreditation.

2001: The 75th Anniversary of the Barton School of Business was celebrated. Fran Jabara received the Faculty Lifetime Achievement Award as the most influential professor in the history of the school. Dan Carney received the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Dean Beehler establishes the first Business Week for students.

2007: Dr. Bart Hildreth is named as Interim Dean of the Barton School of Business.

2008: Dr. Douglas Hensler is named as Dean of the Barton School of Business.

2013: Dr. Cindy Claycomb is named as Interim Dean of the Barton School of Business.

2014: Dr. James Jordan-Wagner is named as Interim Dean of the Barton School of Business.

2015: Dr. Anand Desai became dean.