Hot Stone MassageTypes of Massages Offered

  • Deep Tissue - A more specific treatment for a deeper release based on the pain threshold per client.
  • Hot Stone – The ultimate muscle and stress relaxer.  If you enjoy the relaxing benefits of heat, you will love the magic of these volcanic stones.
  • Prenatal – Gentle, relaxing massage for expecting mothers using comfortable bolstering and much needed pampering.
  • Sports – Excellent treatment, pre or post event, using techniques to warm muscles, pump out lactic acid and increase range of motion.  Helps recovery by 50% post event and can increase efficient power by 3-5%.
  • Swedish – A gentle treatment using long, slow strokes to melt away any trace of stress. Focus will be on relaxation, not for those seeking work on muscle pain or soreness.
  • Therapeutic – Enjoy the relaxing benefits of a Swedish massage with the added treatment of a Deep Tissue massage on designated focal areas of tight muscles or pain.