Courts & Track Preference Hours


Wichita State University students, Campus Recreation members, and guests can use the main gymnasium for informal recreational sports activities. Please check the gym hours on the gymnasium bulletin board or on our website for availability during athletic practice, intramural league play, special events, and classes.

Activities Permitted in the gym

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball

Permitted depending on availability

  • Futsal
    • Must be played with a futsal ball
    • Must be played on court C
  • Frisbee

Activities Not permitted in the gym

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball

Track open hours
Fall and Spring Semesters

Monday - Friday
7 a.m.–6 p.m. / Open track

  • During the collegiate track and field season (October – April) the track will be closed  from 1-5 p.m.

6–8 p.m. / Limited use of the track

  • Basketball and volleyball games have preference over other sports in this area of the gym during this time.
  • Anyone using the track must not interfere with activities happening on courts A&E (walkers/runners must not walk/run through the playing area).

1–5:45 p.m. / Open track
1–5:45 p.m. / Open track

Court preferences

Intramural League season

Intramural sports have preference on gym courts.  Any available court will be used for basketball and badminton depending on availability.

Intramural League off season (peak hours)

Monday-Friday (1–5 p.m.)

  • Court. A: volleyball  (after 6:00pm, MTTHF)  and basketball (after 6:00pm, TH)
  • Court. B: badminton
  • Court. C: futsal (MW), basketball (TF), and volleyball (TH)
  • Court. D: full court basketball
  • Court. E: basketball (after 6 p.m.)
    • Volleyball and futsal courts will be set up if participants are present and ready to play. Badminton, volleyball, and futsal can also be set up during non-peak hours if court space is available. During court preference hours, participants playing different sports will be asked by staff to move from designated courts.  Basketball has preference on court C if futsal and volleyball participants are not present for their designated day.

Climbing Wall Open Hours

6 a.m.–1 p.m.
6–11 p.m.
10 a.m.–7 p.m.
1–10 p.m.

During the collegiate track and field season (October – April) the climbing wall will be
closed from 1-5 p.m.