CAPP: Degree Evaluation

CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning) or Degree Evaluation is a web-based advising tool used by students and advisors to track progress towards graduation. The Degree Evaluation sorts a student's courses into different areas based on their major/minor and indicates if those degree requirements are met or need to be completed.

Students who wish to change their major or undecided students can run a "What-if Analysis" to see how their courses would be applied toward a major or combination of majors they are considering.

While the Degree Evaluation does not replace advisors, it allows students and advisors more time to discuss their total development, including career and life planning. Advising includes helping students meet their full potential, technically, professionally and personally.

Degree Evaluation Tips:

  • Degree Evaluations are not considered official University documents and do not replace the official University transcript.
  • Verification of degree requirements must go through a faculty or academic advisor.
  • Contact your advisor if you have any questions regarding your degree evaluation.