Elected Officials Searching for
Wichita State University Interns

Wichita State University is a great place for elected officials to find political interns.Internships at Wichita State University provide students with real life work experience, but did you know that they can directly impact your office’s productivity and bottom line? Hiring an intern is an effective and efficient way to attract energized workers and infuse your office with new ideas and skills.

Internship positions need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Relate to a degree(s) offered at WSU
  2. Provide meaningful collegiate level learning experiences
  3. Demonstrate a progressive, challenging educational opportunity
  4. Unpaid internship positions cannot exceed 10 hours per week

Get started today by listing a position with our office. If you would like more information about our office, contact Connie Dietz, (316) 978-6988 or connie.dietz@wichita.edu.