Career Counseling

The WSU Career Development Center is an excellent resource for those exploring different career paths. Give us call and set-up and appointment today at (316) 978-3688.

Career counseling is a one-on-one meeting to explore your career-related interests, skills and values, and to discuss your academic and career options. Your counselor listens, asks questions to understand your situation, and provides information and resources to help you meet your goals. 

Some of our career counseling appointment topics include:

  • Choosing a major
  • Identifying interests, skills, values, character traits
  • Generating career options based on interests or degrees
  • Finding resources for interest areas, including talking to people in the field
  • Job search guidance

Assessments are an optional part of career counseling. They can enrich the conversation with a counselor, providing concrete results to discuss. Assessments have an additional cost (see below).

We offer the following assessments in the office. Talk to a career counselor to find out which one suits you.

  • Vista Cards
    Card sort that ranks values, traits, interests, skills and provides you with a Holland code that matches you with career titles (free)
  • Strong Interest Inventory
    Compares your interests and skills with various occupations  ($12)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    Finds your four-letter personality type and matches it to work roles ($12)
  • StrengthsFinder
    Teaches you about your top five talents and how to develop them into strengths ($12)