Cooperative Education and Internships

Program Requirements

  • Must be a degree-bound WSU student.
  • Must be enrolled in at least six hours of credit at WSU. (Does not apply to summer semester.)
  • Must meet the requirements set by your academic college:

Barton School of Business
2.25 GPA
24 credit hours*

College of Health Professions
2.5 GPA
24 credit hours

College of Fine Arts
2.5 GPA
24 credit hours*

College of Engineering
2.5 GPA
24 credit hours* 

College of Education
2.5 GPA
12 credit hours

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
2.0 GPA
24 credit hours*

*9 credit hours must be in your major

  • Graduate students must be admitted to WSU Graduate School and be enrolled in graduate classes.