Enroll in Co-op/Internships

If you are currently working in a position related to your major and meet the academic requirements established by your college, you may be eligible to receive Academic Credit or Zero Credit. 

Your Current Position Must Have:

  • An assigned supervisor who provides orientation, training and professional guidance. (The supervisor must have more knowledge in the field than you.)
  • A designated work area.
  • The opportunity to observe and work with professionals and attend meetings with staff, clients, etc.

Your Supervisor Must:

  • Allow you to develop a variety of competencies in your professional field, as well as contribute to the productivity of the organization.
  • Provide you with clear job descriptions that specifically outline your duties and necessary qualifications, including development of new skills and increasing responsibility.

If you met the above requirements:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to determine the number of internship credit hours you can put toward your degree requirements.
    • Business Majors meet with business advising to determine number of eligible credits. You must get approval from your faculty advisor.
    • Engineering Majors skip step 1.
    • Education and Health Majors must have your job approved by your academic advisor.
    • LAS Majors need to determine whether to enroll in major or general credit. You must enroll in major credit first, then LASI general credit.
    • LAS Majors wanting to receive general credit must bring a completed LASI 481 permission form signed by your LAS advisor. These forms are available at Career Development Center in Brennan III and the LAS Advising Office.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate Career Development Specialist and bring:
    • A copy of your job description signed by your supervisor.
    • Supervisor’s name, title, phone, email and mailing address.
  3. Enroll and pay tuition for Academic Credit, or enroll in a Zero Credit internship. 
  4. Start earning credit or a transcript notation!