Counseling and Assessments

Schedule a counseling session with our office to talk about one or more of the following topics:

  • Choosing a major
  • Identifying interests, skills, values, character traits
  • Generating career options based on interests or degrees
  • Find resources for interest areas, including talking to people in the field
  • Job search guidance
  • Networking tips
  • Interview advice
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume critiques

Resume critiques are usually 30 minutes; all others are up to one hour
Students: free; Alumni: $20/appt; Community: $40/appt

To schedule an appointment at the Main Campus, please call 978-3688.


Assessments are an optional part of career counseling. They can enrich the conversation with a counselor, providing concrete results to discuss. Assessments are an additional cost (see below).

We offer the following assessments in the office. Talk to a career counselor to find out which one suits you.

Vista Cards
Card sort that ranks values, traits, interests, skills and provides you with a Holland code that matches you with career titles (free)

Strong Interest Inventory
Compares your interests and skills with various occupations  ($12)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Finds your four-letter personality type and matches it to work roles ($12)

Teaches you about your top five talents and how to develop them into strengths ($12)