Success Stories

“Make sure to do all the career exploration early, so you’re not 24 years old and deciding to change your major. Recognize early the resources available. I took an assessment which gave me insight regarding what I might be good at.”
     -Anonymous Student

“I agree with many students when they say that the career center is helpful and beneficial.”
     -Anonymous Student

"My name is Katie Werner and I met with you a couple weeks ago in Career Services to help me in my job search.  I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me critique my resume!  I did update my resume with your ideas and a week later I got a job offer from Mental Health Association as an Employment Specialist, so I get to use my degree! So thank you for helping me enhance my resume!"
     -Katherine Werner, Class of 2013

“Thank you for the mock interview. I really appreciated it! It gave me the confidence I needed to go into the interview. The interview went really well. They offered me the position!”
     -Anonymous Student

"I want to thank the Office of Career Services for hosting the Fall 2012 Education Fair in November. I am not a student, but my husband is new to the Wichita State University community. The women working the event were kind enough to let me participate and offered helpful information about the local school districts as I had just moved to Wichita. I am happy to report that I have been offered a job and will be teaching in an area high school beginning in January. Thank you for your help and kindness!
     -Community Member

"I had met with you for a mock interview a couple weeks ago. We had talked about how I have been having troubles getting a job at Wesley Medical Center. Well, I am emailing you to let you know that I got the front desk position at Health Strategies!! Not only that, but they saw all of my aquatic related activities on my resume and hired me to teach a couple water aerobics classes starting in October. Thank you so much for your help! I am very excited to begin this new position! Thank you so much for your help in preparing me for this interview!
     -Tarryn Andrews, BS Pre-Physical Therapy and Exercise Science May 2013

"Thank you very much! Because of your help I was able to interview with about 8-10 companies and received 4 offers. Thanks to you I was able to have major control of where my future would take me. I was able to weigh the pros and cons of each offer and even do a little negotiating on the salary end."
    -Adam Freking, BS Mechanical Engineering May 2012

"I had a mock interview with you sometime in March this year in preparation for a job interview. I would like to share with you the good news that I recently received a job offer from that company and I accepted it. The increase in confidence that I gained and the lessons I learned during our mock interview were critical for this success. I would thus like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your guidance and advice, not only during our mock interview but also post-interview by answering my questions about sending follow-up and other inquiry emails. Once again, thank you."
    -Hemal Shah, MS Aerospace Engineering May 2013

Tell us your story!

WSU Career Services is collecting student success stories to post on our webpage. We invite all students no matter what year or major who have had interaction with our office that they found to be successful to participate. This could be a one-on-one conversation with a staff member, a resume critique, help with Hire-a-Shocker, career counseling, an interview on campus, etc. The interaction could have occurred in one of these two categories:
Get a clue ….explore your options
     Career Counseling, Vocational Testing, Career Connections, Career Library,
     Choosing a Major,  
      Information Session
Get a job….we can help!
     A New Job, Resume Review, Mock Interview, Career Event, Hire-a-Shocker,
     On-campus Interview, Webinar

You can return your success story in person to our office or you can email it to us. Please provide the following information:

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