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Community Collaboration

“Thrive Allen County received a Healthy Communities Initiative grant in April of 2013. Our CCSR facilitator was instrumental in guiding and helping us see the bigger picture. His assistance opened our minds the importance of a grassroots movement and ideas of how to convey our message effectively to further support our work. Most importantly, he has encouraged us to become better leaders through this process by purposeful conversations about identifying the adaptive challenges we were facing and how to work through them.”

Damaris Kunkler, program director
Thrive Allen County

For more than 30 years, the Center for Community Support and Research (CCSR) has assisted communities as they seek to improve life for their citizens. We're proud of Kansas, and we want to help make it a better place by providing the guidance and support needed to accomplish positive and sustainable change. Need help with your community collaboration, coalition or initiative? CCSR understands both the technical and adaptive nature of community change. Our Community Collaboration staff uses technical best practices, and process expertise to help you envision and achieve your goals.

What Community Collaboration services does CCSR offer?JPEG Image

  • Help build effective community coalitions
  • Assist communities to determine a direction for their future and create a plan for achieving those goals
  • Convene meetings and help set a common agenda for collective impact
  • Serve as moderators to build consensus and resolve conflict
  • Measure the impact of your community change effort
  • Facilitate collective impact elements such as mutually reinforcing activities and continuous communication

Our community collaboration services are customized to your needs and goals, with a mind toward the overall improvement of your community.

Why should community initiatives work with CCSR?

There is a tendency in community initiatives for the participants to get involved in the passionate, enthusiastic fervor for change, while neglecting to build the capacity needed for their initiative to succeed. This is where CCSR comes in. We serve as a concerned, neutral party facilitating forward movement and accountability among partners. With our assistance, you will learn how to deal with challenges specific to your community collaboration, coalition, or initiative while planning for the future

CCSR’s Community Collaboration Specialists are experts in their field with a true passion for the work.

Amy Delamaide, MPA
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