From the Kitchen Table to 358 N. MainSelf Help Network to Center for Community Support and Research

Originally named the Self-Help Network (SHN), WSU’s Center for Community Support and Research (CCSR) was founded in Februrary 1984 by social worker Evelyn Middelstadt. At the time, CCSR was focused on providing referrals to self-help support groups and operated from a simple table in Evelyn’s own kitchen. Eventually, Evelyn was joined by Wichita State University professor Dr. Greg Meissen, and in 1985 CCSR moved into the Psychology Department at WSU.

Over the next thirty years, CCSR grew, and expanded its mission beyond providing assistance to self-help support groups and adapted its skills and techniques to assist nonprofit organizations, community coalitions, faith-based initiatives, and government entities. In order to better serve the greater community of Kansas, CCSR relocated to the heart of downtown Wichita at 358 N. Main.

Today, in addition to serving the state as a whole, CCSR operates as the pinnacle of the WSU’s mission, as part of the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.