Kolb's Learning Thinking Working Styles Inventory

The Learning Thinking Working Styles Inventory was created by David Kolb. The inventory is simple, and quick to administer, and is useful to organizations and communities attempting to address the question “How do we work together?”

The Learning Thinking Working Styles Inventory is not intended to put people in boxes, suggest that people don’t stretch, or suggest that one style is better than another. In fact, the inventory helps identify and capitalize on each team member’s strengths.

While CCSR does not offer the Inventory directly from our selection of tools, we do have many supplemental materials to aid in the presentation and interpretation of Learning Thinking Working Styles.

Word FileAppropriate Use of the Learning Thinking Working Styles

Powerpoint FileLearning Thinking Working Styles Power Point Presentation

Word FileUsing the Learning Thinking Working Styles: Facilitation Guide

Word FileThe Egg

Word FileThe Stretching Egg

 Word FileWorking with Others