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Leadership Development

“CCSR has been a tremendous partner and collaborator with the Kansas Leadership Center. We believe that the effort to increase the amount of and improve the quality of civic leadership in our state is served well by top-quality teaching, facilitation, consultation and evaluation. I see all of those in the work of CCSR. I also see creativity, a willingness to take risks and a genuine love for Kansas.”

Ed O’Malley, CEO & president 
Kansas Leadership Center

The Leadership Development Team at the Center for Community Support & Research (CCSR) works to create change in Kansas communities and organizations by designing and facilitating immersive leadership experiences. These experiences are expertly designed to challenge participants’ expectations, foster an innovative spirit, and fuel the desire for continued learning.

Leadership isn’t just a position; it is a frame of mind that acts in response to the challenges inherent in any organization.  Want to learn how to effectively develop that frame of mind?  Our Leadership Development Team has the expertise to develop the potential throughout your organization.


What Leadership Development services does CCSR offer?

  • Providing challenging training and retreat environments to help foster individual and organizational innovation and experimentation
  • Administering and interpreting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment – while giving valuable insight into how individuals and your organization can use the results effectively
  • Leadership coaching that offers guided reflection and accountability for taking action
  • Leadership consultation with your organization about the effectiveness of internal or ongoing leadership efforts
  • Succession planning for organizations facing change in key management positions
  • Background on contemporary approaches to leadership development, including trustee leadership, servant leadership, and adaptive leadership


Why is leadership development important?

Is my organization relevant? Are we fully meeting all of our goals? How can my employees effectively overcome internal and external challenges? How can we tackle problems for which there is no clear-cut solution?

These are questions that persistently plague organizations of all sizes.  Rather than waiting for the elusive “right person” to come along, we at CCSR believe that all members of your organization can be empowered with the willingness to accept new challenges and to take action; in order to make progress on complex persistent issues. We believe that all organizations can develop the capacity to recognize opportunities for innovation, without becoming blind to their present needs.  Most of all, we believe that we can help you develop these skills.  As our colleagues at the Kansas Leadership Center say, leadership begins with one person’s motivation.


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