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If taking the Meyers-Briggs Type assessment has been built into a project you are working on with CCSR, head to https://online.cpp.com and enter your case sensitive login and password. This information may be shared with you by the design team for your retreat or workshop, or you may get it by contacting Seth Bate.

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Why Take the MBTI?

About Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Do you prefer working in a group to working independently, or vise versa?; Do you trust your gut instincts over concrete data? When you make a decision, do you put yourself in the situation or outside it? By asking yourself these questions, you have started the process of personality identification. The questions previously asked mirror the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment.

Developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, the MBTI is a questionnaire designed to identify personality types explained by C. G. Jung . An individual taking the assessment is given multiple statements and is asked to choose one answer from the given two to each statement.

An example of such a statement with choices:

You prefer interacting in small groups as opposed to large groups.

Yes No

The MBTI can be taken online or traditionally with a qualified professional for follow-up interpretation and consultation.


The rationality behind understanding personality types is to make an individual aware of their preferences in processes such as decision-making, information gathering, and his/her interaction attitudes. These processes are broken down into dichotomy pairs as shown in chart below.

JPEG Image

By selecting one choice during the assessment, an individual is essentially choosing one dichotomy in a pair over another in the given situation.


The resulting personality type from taking the assessment is given in a four letter code. The four letters are the first letters of each dichotomy. The code consists of a dichotomy from each category.



There are sixteen personality types. For more information please visit the site linked to each code.





  Why Should I Take the MBTI?

  • Knowing your personality type can better help you understand:
  • How you learn
  • How you make decisions
  • How you interact with people and your environment
  • How you manage your time
  • How you deal with stress
  • How you work
  • What environments you prefer to work in
  • What field of work would be comfortable for you to pursue for a career
  • What personal goals to set and how you will go about achieving them

Not only can individuals benefit from the MBTI, but organizations too. By understanding employee and management personalities, organizations can use this knowledge to better develop, set up, execute, and/or understand:

  • Leadership skills
  • Job creation
  • Team creation
  • Training
  • Problem solving
  • Diversity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Change in the work place

Please Note:

The MBTI is NOT an assessment of ability or performance. It is a tool created to better realize cognitive functions to assist those taking it with the benefits mentioned previously.

Not one personality type is better than the other.

Noting this, this assessment should never be used for decisions regarding:

  •  Hiring or Terminating
  • Job Performance
  • Character evaluation

For more information about the MBTI, please visit The Myer & Briggs Foundation website.