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Behavioral Health Initiatives

"CCSR is a wonderful part of Wichita State University that takes the time to find out what the needs are of the various groups that they work with. By allowing groups, such as the Kansas Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health to take the lead, CCSR provides excellent technical support, suggestions, and trainings when asked."

Gary J. Parker, executive director
Kansas Consumer Advisory Council

The Consumer Empowerment movement centers around choice. Among other things, mental health consumers can choose to take their recovery into their own hands, they can choose to challenge their preconceived notions, and they can choose to change the policies and programs that affect their recovery. Whatever that choice might be, the Center for Community Support and Research (CCSR) offers services designed to help empower mental health consumers.

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The Mental Health Initiatives team at CCSR works with mental health service providers, mental health advocacy organizations, mental health administrators and Consumer Run Organizations (CROs) to provide the support, training and motivation needed to foster real change in the mental health community across Kansas. Our team is passionate about the consumer empowerment movement, and understands the need to work side by side with consumers, rather than trying to speak on their behalf.


How does CCSR benefit mental health and consumer run organizations in Kansas?

  • Provide certification, support and training for Certified Peer Specialist employed by Medicaid service providers
  • Provide support for consumer-operated organizations offering selected Medicaid rehabilitation or mental health support services.
  • Offer technical assistance and implementation of peer support services at mental health service providers
  • Provide training, support and resources to organizations about Trauma Informed Systems of Care
  • Implement, support and evaluate Common Ground programs at CROs

While a large portion of our Mental Health Initiative services are supported through state grants, we encourage all organizations in need of assistance to reach out to us.


Why are Mental Health Consumer Initiatives Important?

Sam Demel talks to a group of people.As a society, we've moved past the point where people with mental illness need to be "taken care of". While our state has made great strides in the realm of mental health, there is a real need to get mental health consumers involved in the system, so that their voice can be heard when crafting the policies and programs that will affect them.

In addition to the greater social issues, there are challenges within the smaller confines of organizations that need to be addressed: How to recognize when an individual might be dealing with trauma, how to effectively develop peer support relationships, and how to ensure that your Consumer-Run Organization is effectively working within its mission. CCSR has experience in these areas, and we want to use our experience to empower others across Kansas.



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