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Organizational Capacity Building

“DCCCA contracted with the Center for Community Support and Research to develop our Strategic Direction. The staff at CCSR impressed the employees of the agency with their knowledge about organizational change, leadership, strategy and adaptive change. CCSR’s knowledge and skill in facilitation provided a platform for DCCCA to establish a Strategic Direction that will move the agency forward to accomplish its goals. CCSR’s stellar staff and adaptive approach to strategic work propelled our organization to the next level of change.”

Lori Alvarado, executive director and CEO

The Center for Community Support and Research (CCSR) combines well-established capacity building techniques with innovative approaches that strengthen organizations and the teams that comprise them. Need assistance with your grassroots organization, community nonprofit, government entity, faith-based organization, youth-serving organization, community coalition or educational institution in Kansas? Our staff and associates have the experience and background to effectively strengthen your mission. We work closely with organizations’ management, staff, and boards to identify organizational capacity needs, develop a plan to address those needs and implement capacity building activities, and assess progress on organizational change.


Why is organizational capacity building important?

Organizations need to regularly consider big picture issues like goals, planning, and organizational capacity. But it can be hard to make time for this in the busy routines of your organization’s daily operations. CCSR can serve as an external, motivating force that will work with your organization to manage these larger issues in a workable, innovative, and sustainable way. With the assistance of CCSR, your organization will learn how to deal with ever-changing working environments and challenges, while maintaining a high level of productivity and efficiency.


What Organizational Capacity Building Services does CCSR offer?

  • Appreciative Inquiry to discover what is working well for the organization and to envision what could be
  • Strategic planning to help determine your organization’s future and create a plan to achieve your goals
  • Succession planning to develop internal leadership talent and plan for seamless organizational transitions. More information is available on this flier.
  • Board development to foster commitment, accountability and organizational direction
  • Fund development planning to determine steps your organization will take to find new resources for programs and services
  • Consultation with organizations working to become IRS recognized nonprofits

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