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Kansas Family Business Forum

Who We Are

Kansas Family Business Forum is a nationally recognized, highly-regarded membership organization of family business owners, their families and key employees.

The KFBF is designed to provide unique learning experiences to those involved with family businesses. Events bring owners, families and managers together to address issues of ownership and management succession, strategic planning, family dynamics and family governance. KFBF programming features a mix of national and local experts on family business issues.

Our Programs

Executive Breakfasts - enable in-depth roundtable discussions of issues pertinent to the membership. They are held in the early morning to accomodate the schedule of the organization's top executives and include a breakfast buffet. 

Business Biographies - allow members at a rare glimpse into the world of a well-known local or national entrepreneur. In a casual chat format, members will hear the inside story of how a business was conceived, challenges faced, and how these situations relate to their own businesses. 

Personal Advisory Groups  - are designed to address the specific family business needs of the president, CEO or founder of the family business. PAGs provide the opportunity for KFBF members to meet in a small peer group setting in an environment of trust to freely discuss both business and personal problems.  


For questions on how to become a member of the Kansas Family Business Forum, please contact Nancy Kersenbrock, KFBF Director by email at nancy.kersenbrock@wichita.edu or call 316-978-6269.

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The Kansas Family Business Forum's Innovation Hub. Photo courtasy of Kellen Jenkins, Wichita Business Journal. 

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Nancy Kersenbrock

Nancy Kersenbrock, KFBF Director. Photo courtesy of Kellen Jenkins, Wichita Business Journal.